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What is TamFam?

Written by on April 5, 2018

‘TamFam’ is short for ‘Tambourine Family’: a virtual community of listeners and viewers primarily associated through Tambourine Radio and other media under the TamFam Media brand.

If you listen Tambourine Radio and attend any of the varied activities associated with the community, you’re considered a member of TamFam.

Members of TamFam are referred to as ‘Tamfammers’ or ‘Fammers’.

Tamfammers are a gregarious bunch who love to laugh and are forthright in activities aimed at continually learning and deriving fun positives from life. Yups….Tamfammers are at times quite crazy in fun….indeed lol.

Dr. Kingsley Ragashanti Stewart founded TamFam in 2005. The idea came to him when during an extremely fun moment in one of his broadcasts on Newstalk 93FM in Jamaica, he exclaimed that he wished he had a tambourine to make some some celebratory noise in the studio. The next day, one of his avid listeners and supporter, Sister Peggy, brought him a tambourine, one made the traditional Jamaican way. From that moment, whenever anything exciting occurred in his broadcasts, Ragashanti would yell “Tamboureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!” simultaneously shaking the tambourine. The tambourine eventually became icon branded with Ragashanti entertainment. Attendees at Ragashanti events, most notably his super popular ‘Mix Up an Blenda’ comedy shows, would routinely bring thousands of tambourines to his events, and unleash a festive cacophony of sounds with them. It is within this context that Dr. Ragashanti branded his relationship with his loyal listeners and supporters as the Tambourine Family…. which he later abbreviated as TamFam.

In the year 2010 Dr. ragashanti founded his online radio station, Tambourine Radio, in Jamaica. Tambourine Radio was envisioned as, and did become, the de facto home of Tamfam. To date, TamFam remains synonymous with Tambourine Radio. TamFam membership now spans four continents and many countries.  TamFam continues to increase its globally diverse membership and is an ever-evolving entity of fun, entertainment, and activities now utilizing all media.

Listen Tambourine Radio on the TamFam app…..or, of course, on this web site.

Download the TamFam app from the Google Playstore or the Apple store.

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