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Tina Pap Dung Dance

Written by on March 24, 2018

The legend of Tina TooCute pap dung dance occurred at Ragabash Fort Lauderdale. Paaty did a gwaan good, music a shot an crazy dancing a blaze. Di way how di music sweet Tina, gyal geet eena di hyp an a buss a wicked, bad wine goh dung inna a stooping position – same way how dem hot gyal always rinse it a dance an paaty. lol.

Soh she tear up di wine goh dung inna har heels billias!

Den it was time fi she wine come up back.

People….at first we see a likkle hesitation….like say she did a plan fi stay dung inna di stooping position an wine some more. But den we see a likkle upward jerk weh suggest say she did ready fi wine come up back.


Music a play same way an paaty a goh haad same way.

Anneda upward jerk.

Still nuttin.

A deh soh now we realize say a come she waan come up back but couldn’t find di strength, or har bone dem couldn’t manij di presha, or she jus neva know how fi buss hot gyal dance inna har heels dem. dwl.

Tina literally wine an goh dung an couldn’t wine an come up back – inna di miggle a di big, big name-brand Ragabash paaty!!

Wen she realize say she naa goh mek it….she jus give up wid di dancing an mussi decide say a betta she jus try get back up natural. A soh she stumble faawud likkle bit an mussi nayly kinova an nayly pap har claat! She neva drap tho… she did eventually manij fi come back up safely.

Dats why up to todeh day mi nuh stap batta har say she nuh fi badda do nuh wine an goh dung dancing…..caa she damn well know she can wine goh dung….but she cyaan wine come up. lol.

Love you Tina Boo……lol.

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