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TamFam Server Update

Written by on June 14, 2019


I lease several servers (super computers) from server farms (companies) to run my businesses…for which I pay a monthly rate for each server.

Several days ago one of the server farms abruptly shut down one of my servers: the one that housed Tambourine Radio and several websites. They informed me they did so for legal reasons because another of their clients server was “attacked” and that the “attack” originated from my server they had shut down. Of course, I knew nothing of what they stated and launched multiple protests at them. A “war” ensued between them and I.

In the end my number one priority was to get Tambourine Radio back on air, along with the service to RagaWorld subscribers at I therefore went to yet another server farm and leased yet another server to address my priorities – while continuing my days-long war with the server farm for them to stop blaming me for something I didn’t do (and wouldn’t even have the slightest clue how to do such), and to at least return all my content that was on the server.

Yesterday the server farm informed me they had identified the problem and that I was in no way responsible for what had occurred.


They then gave me access to my server. This also allowed me to get my content over to the new server, because I will no longer use the server they had shut down.

This is where Dave White came in. Fammers, Dave worked ridiculously hard migrating all the content from the old server to the new server. I and TamFam are indebted to him for the incredible work he put in to get us back up. Believe me, the alternative to Dave’s work would involve a process that could ultimately take weeks before we would have been back up. So, TamFam, please take a little time to express thanks to Dave for all he did.

So we’re just now ready to be in full swing again….which means Talk it Out will be on today.

All this is part of the process of running an enterprise….and, indeed, life. Problems will emerge and we just have to view them as opportunities for growth and increased success, solve them, and keep it moving.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.



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