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Shotta Boyfriend

Written by on March 27, 2018

***From the Jamaica CHAT column Mixup archives 2008***

Raga I saw the letter with the girl who found her man is a shotta. I am in a similar situation. I have been talking to this guy for a while now and after about eight months I now know that he is a gun man. He and his friends are also at war with another set of men from their area. Several deaths have come out of the war. He never takes me inside their community so I am not at risk. And he keeps his gunman/killing business away from me. Should I stay with him? I feel safe with him and the sort out is VERY VERY GOOD!!

LEF HIM!!! If you have to ask then it means this life is not for you. Like I told the other writer, the women who are with shottas know how to roll hardcore and know how fi run dem tings an hangle dem bizniz. Some a dem actually LOVE the life of being with a shotta. You don’t sound like that. LEF HIM!! You don’t have to be in the war area to be in danger when yuh deh wid a shotta. In fact, ironically, you are more at risk by being outside of the area, if his enemies find out who you are then they would have easy access to you. And it no matter if the sort out good. Frankly, it is an idiot who risks death for good sort out. LEF HIM. Cause if you don’t leave him you will end up getting all your good daggering from duppy!

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