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Politician’s Wife Mixup

Written by on April 1, 2018

***From the Jamaica CHAT column Mixup archives 2008***

Ragashanti my sister is involved with a politician. Them a sort out. But I know the wife of the politician. She is one of those politician wives who do not just let her husband do all the work in his constituency. She move good with members of our community and treats us well. I therefore feel bad that my sister is sorting out her husband and she does not know. It is not the first time that my sister is taking a married man, but I have never been in a talking relationship with any of them. My sister trusts me that I would never say anything to the wife but I just don’t feel good sometimes. My sister never speaks to the wife. Should I give the wife a little hint just so I could feel a little better and have a clearer conscience?

No “hint” roun here!!! Leave dat deh prekeh alone!! Is NOT your bizniz!!  Don’t get involved inna dat deh drama.  Listen,

1) never get publicly involved in the private lives of politicians,

2) your sister might not be the only person sleeping with him on the side,

3) you said your sister trusts you…why do you want to betray that trust?

And 4) I can tell you with 100% certainty that most wives of politicians know a lot more than people realize.

So nuh worry yuh self bout dem deh mix up deh. Yuh nuh have yuh owna business fi a tink bout?

No go deh so!!!

Leave it alone!!

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