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Miss Tite Says She’ll Attend Andrew Perry’s Tasting

Written by on February 21, 2018

Controversial Tambourine Radio caller, Ms Tite, says she’ll be attending Andrew Perry’s Tasting on Sunday, June 2nd, at 3 pm. Speaking to her favorite radio host, Ms Lioness Queen, on her favorite show, Talk it Out, Ms Tite announced that while she will indeed be at the event, she’s gonna make every effort to remain incognito. In short, she’ll be there, but will not reveal herself to attendees.

Ms Tite is disliked by many listeners who contend that she’s generally self-absorbed and usually finds ways to make ALL topics about herself. Listeners also argue that at times she’s unnecessarily insensitive and mean to others in her utterances.

Ms Tite, however, has never backed down from her critics. When criticized, she routinely doubles down on her conclusions and fearelessly cuss out anybaddy who opposes her. She’s notorious for her proclamations of her excellence in many areas, including her allegation dat she’s ‘very fat down there, even when she’s shaved.’ lol. She also seh dat a jealous di oda woman dem jealous mek dem always a criticize har.

Ms Tite never fails to get a lot of people upset.

Will she really attend Andrew Perry’s Tasting event?

Well, we won’t really know….cuz if she doesn’t reveal herself there then there will be no way for anyone to confirm her attendance.

Some have already argued that she will not be there because “she ongle bad pon phone an radio” and that “she a big coward.”

Nonetheless, just the very thought that she could well be there has stirred intrigue and has prompted some to swear they will be on the lookout at the Tasting.

Probably she’ll be easy to identify if she wears tights….providing what she said about herself is true. lol.

We’ll see….

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