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Miss Lioness Queen

Miss Lioness Queen is a Jamaican who hails from the parish of St. Thomas.  She currently resides in the United Kingdom(UK) and is a host on the number one internet radio station, Tambourine Radio, founded by Dr Kingsley Stewart, aka Ragashanti.  Prior to becoming a host on the station that she not only listened to, but also actively participated, she was known as the Remix Queen and also for her infamous “Nite Class”, where Ragashanti aka ‘The Professor’, spotted her talent.  Miss Lioness Queen is interchangeably referred to as ‘Queen’ or ‘Lioness’, but there is a back story as to how she attained her name.
The Miss came from her grandmother who always said she behaves like a little lady, or as Jamaicans would say, a “little miss”. Lioness derives from her birth sign Leo, and Queen because her Mother instilled in her as a child that she is a Nubian Queen and should never let anyone belittle or exploit her.  Miss Lioness Queen is not only known for her many picture remixes, jovial personality and controversial views, but her strong spirituality as a prayer warrior.  She begins her day with prayers before doing anything and this is a practice that has become her daily mantra.  She also shares her daily prayers on her page, to which members of the Tambourine Radio family (TamFam) and her friends alike look forward to every morning, as it provides a source of inspiration to many in different ways.  Her prayers always end with her infamous hash tag line:”#iStayPrayedUp#OonuCaanTouchGodPickney #MeNahStopBeatOonuWidPrayers”.
Miss Lioness Queen started out her hosting career on Tambourine Radio with her morning show “Talk It Out!“, which aired on Wednesdays from 7am-9am and was further extended by an hour as it was loved by the audience at large.  With no prior experience in the field of hosting, her show grew progressively and she felt like she had found her niche.  She relates to her audience from any walk of life and makes them feel at ease when they call in to her show.  She is very connected, relatable and in-tune to her audience, so much so that she easily recalls stories they shared prior.  These skills have earned her to move to the prime time slot of 1pm to 6pm on Thursdays and Fridays, which was once held by her mentor Ragashanti.  Her show has a variety of special features that are highly anticipated by her audience each week and never fails to keep them entertained.  Miss Lioness Queen certainly lives by the station’s motto: Laugh, Learn and Grow.