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Bunnaman Farrin Ras

Written by on April 2, 2018

***From the Jamaica CHAT column Mixup archives 2008***

Di Naked Bunna Man Farrin Rasta wid di Gun

Di drama start when mi did get di following email:

Ragga I live in the 3-east area of Portmore and Ragga a piece a mix up fi give yu. A jerk chicken man a give mi di precke. Tuesday night bout a Rasta man a sort out a woman down di road from mi and har police man come har yard and buss di door and see di Rasta man a sort out him woman. Di police man mussi tek out him gun fi shoot him and di naked Rasta man no do nutten better than grab di gun from him and run outta di house naked. Di naked Rasta man a run and di policeman a run him dung too. Di Rasta man no do nutten better than buss two shot off a di policeman fi try loose him. Di naked Rasta man jump pan a executive bus weh a come down di road and a threaten di driver fi drive n no stop. Di people dem ketch panic and a jump out thinking he was mad. Dem eventually bring him go a station and di police get back him gun.

Of course me start to pop up when mi read di email. Laughing did spoil inna di radio studio. So because di story sound so incredible mi start wonda if a really true an a so mi decide fi ask Portmore people fi call een an tell mi if dem know bout di mix up.

Two-twos mi get a call from a woman who say a true. She say she live a 3 West inna Greater Portmore and dat di drama di go dung ova 4 West. She say di policeman wife actually met di ras pon di Internet and dat di ras come from farin. She also said dat it was actually five man and five woman who did a sort out an a oral dem one anneda an a gwaan wid bare tings inna di house!! Mad!!

Den mi get a next email weh say dat di ras did actually a hide inna one closet when di policeman did come home. An dat di policeman did reach a point weh him put down him gun. Di email say a dat time di ras decide say him haffi cut outa di house but him did also decide say him naah leave di gun because di police might buss couple shot pon him when him a run. So him fly outa di closet an grab di gun an tek off like Usain Bolt!! Stark naked!! Di farrina ras a run through Greater Portmore wid di police a run backa him like Asafa!! Mi muma!!! What a mix up sweet!!!!!

A next lady link mi an say she an fi har husband did a relax inna dem house when dem hear one big commotion outside an a man a bawl out: Hol him!! Hol him!! Him have me gun!!! She say when she an har husband run go out, a di naked ras she see a run wid di gun wid people behind him. She say did people dem did a rush him because dem did tink him a tief. She say she notice say him a run up an down like him no know di place an a so him jus see a bus a come pon di main an jump inna it. She say eventually oda police inna di area hear di drama a goh dung deh an move to di naked farrin ras. Dem hol him an carry him back to him clothes an mek him lay down inna di back a di police car an put on back him clothes. Mi hear say di bunna man farrin ras say: “Lord, look what I came to Jamaica and got myself into.”

People…unu can believe dis ya sitin ya? Anytime me imagine di bunna man farrin ras a run up down naked wid di gun mi haffi laugh. Mi say mi haffi rate Jamaica fi always a have some sample drama a go dung eno. Me say it aready an me a go say it again – anybody who live a Jamaica an say dem bored all di time, a dem waan bored, because Jamaica neva short a excitement and drama fi entertain we.

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