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Tamfammers I lease several servers (super computers) from server farms (companies) to run my businesses…for which I pay a monthly rate for each server. Several days ago one of the server farms abruptly shut down one of my servers: the one that housed Tambourine Radio and several websites. They informed me they did so for […]

'TamFam' is short for 'Tambourine Family': a virtual community of listeners and viewers primarily associated through Tambourine Radio and other media under the TamFam Media brand. If you listen Tambourine Radio and attend any of the varied activities associated with the community, you're considered a member of TamFam. Members of TamFam are referred to as [...]

The genre of reggae music originated in Jamaica. As is the case with another of Jamaica’s internationally popular musical spaces, Dancehall, the emergence of reggae music is directly tied to Jamaica’s history of colonialism and slavery. Western Europeans, namely the Spanish and the British, conquered Jamaica in the 15th century, and committed a genocide of […]

Dancehall Dancehall music and culture hail from the Caribbean island of Jamaica. It is a child of reggae music and generally has a high-energy delivery with an emphasis on dancing and fun with a rebellious, anti-establishment ethos. The genesis of Dancehall lies in Jamaica’s history of colonialism and slavery. Western Europeans, namely the Spanish and […]

***From the Jamaica CHAT column Mixup archives 2008*** Di Naked Bunna Man Farrin Rasta wid di Gun Di drama start when mi did get di following email: Ragga I live in the 3-east area of Portmore and Ragga a piece a mix up fi give yu. A jerk chicken man a give mi di precke. […]

***From the Jamaica CHAT column Mixup archives 2008*** Ragashanti my sister is involved with a politician. Them a sort out. But I know the wife of the politician. She is one of those politician wives who do not just let her husband do all the work in his constituency. She move good with members of […]

***From the Jamaica CHAT column Mixup archives 2008*** Raga I saw the letter with the girl who found her man is a shotta. I am in a similar situation. I have been talking to this guy for a while now and after about eight months I now know that he is a gun man. He […]

The legend of Tina TooCute pap dung dance occurred at Ragabash Fort Lauderdale. Paaty did a gwaan good, music a shot an crazy dancing a blaze. Di way how di music sweet Tina, gyal geet eena di hyp an a buss a wicked, bad wine goh dung inna a stooping position - same way how [...]

***From the Jamaica CHAT column Mixup archives 2008*** Buss up Bakkle Yow Raga bless up. This obeah thing a real thing yu nuh, yeah man, mi know a lady weh deep in her church get inna spirit regular, you know the type. Well her daughter buy a house for her and it happen that a […]

Tamfammer Andrew Perry will have his much anticipated Tasting on Sunday, June 2nd, 2019. The event will be held at Tamfammer ‘Mr. Face It’s’ venue at 144-18  231st Street, Laurelton, NY, 11413.  Laurelton is in Queens, NYC. We already know di bickle a goh tun up!! Di boss seh di menu is as follows: Garlic […]