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Ganja Shops in Amsterdam – Ragashanti World Tour

Vybz inside the Green House Cafe…. one of many cafes in Amsterdam where you can buy and smoke any ganja legally. It come een like nuttin to di people dem. Every weh yuh yuh di cafe dem all ova an crazy people a blaze up dem spliff, bong, chalice, etc.

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Waaaiiieee!!! Exstasy Revicon Song A Goh Haad!! DWL!!

Exstasyyyyyy!!! Yuh tun big artist to claat!!! Unu sen all a unu video mixups to ragashanti@tambourineradio.com. Your videos will likely be too big to send directly through your emails …. so use Drop Box …. or Gmail users can use Google Drive. LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE below.

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Foota Hype Say Ishawna Did Waan Swipe An Threesome!! Drama!!

Ka Ka Klaat!! Foota a goh haad yeow!! Di man jus a rinse out di tings dem. Unu believe him???? Wa unu tink???

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